Based in Spokane Washington I provide both Flight Instruction and Aircraft Maintenance Services with over 25 years experience with over 6,000 flight hours including a lot of experience in Kodiak Alaska, Papua Indonesia, the great Northwest and Back Country Idaho.

Flight Instruction: 
Tailwheel Endorsements and back country mountain training in a Stinson 108-3 with the Lycoming O-435 (190h.p). 10 hours for endorsements at $2,300 or $250 per hour.
Instruction in your aircraft including primary training, flight reviews, wings flights etc. $70 per hour. I have experience in a lot of aircraft. Contact me to discus details.
Aircraft Maintenance Services
Pre-buy inspections, ADSB installs, Repairs etc. 70 Per hour. 
Aviation Designs and Videos
I also design T-shirts and other print on demand products as well as maintain some Youtube Channels.  See my Aviation Designs linked here.
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